LAF Transfer Cart


LAF Transfer Carts with off-grid battery operation provide product protection and enable sterile transportation through inferior cleanrooms (e.g. manual dry freezer loading). Product protection is ensured by means of targeted air flow. A clean and low-turbulence air flow (laminar air flow) flows horizontally into the work area of the transfer cart and escapes into the surrounding area. Airborne particles are collected in a controlled manner. All safety-relevant functions are constantly monitored electronically.

Technical Details

  • Self-supporting stainless steel construction on rollers
  • Removable shelves
  • Battery-operated for up to 6 hours
  • Laminar air flow system (horizontal flow)
  • Pre-filter cartriges behind the perforated plates
  • HEPA filter H14
  • Perforated plate air outlet surface
  • Automatic fan control for a constant LAF speed
  • Integrated control system
  • Technical documentation according to the Machinery Directive
  • Qualification documentation
  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • CE declaration of conformity


  • Height adjustment of one loading surface to adapt to different freeze dryer heights (vertical flow)
  • Semi-automatic loading/unloading function