LAF Weighing Booth

Product Description

LAF weighing booths provide product and personal protection during the weighing of powdery substances. These conditions are ensured by means of targeted recirculation. A clean and low-turbulence air flow (laminar air flow) vertically flows into the work area of the weighing booth and is exhausted close to the bottom. Airborne substances are collected in a controlled manner. The integrated exhaust air system, which generates a slight negative pressure in the working area of the weighing booth, permanently protects the ambient area against contamination. The weighing booth does not need to be connected to the on-site supply or exhaust air system.

Technical Details

  • Self-supporting powder-coated stainless steel (1.4301) or sheet steel construction
  • Laminar air flow recirculation system
  • Lateral and front flow restriction with anti-static PVC curtain, front entrance clearance of 1.9m
  • 4x 270V CEE sockets
  • Pre-filter stage: G4 filter mat behind perforated plate
  • Pre-filter stage: F9 compact filter cartridges
  • HEPA filter H14 for process air and exhaust air
  • Perforated plate air outlet surface
  • Integrated cooling system incl. mixed water control for condensate-free cooling
  • Automatic fan control for a constant LAF speed
  • LED lighting
  • Control system in a separate switch cabinet
  • Technical documentation according to the Machinery Directive
  • Qualification documentation
  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • CE declaration of conformity

LAF Weighing Booth (special design)

Special design possible upon request, for example:

  • Adapted geometry and size 
  • ATEX model
  • Bag in/bag out pre-filter for contamination-free filter changes 
  • Integration of a weighing system
  • Integration of lifting systems