Glove Testing System

Product Description

The FZ-GTS WLAN glove testing system is used for the cable-free/tubeless leak testing of gloves installed in isolators or RABS. To perform the pressure decay test the system is subjected to overpressure. The time required to carry out a leak test on 24 gloves (using 24 FZ-GTS glove test panels simultaneously) is approx. 30 minutes. In addition to the starter kit as basic equipment and adaptability to other port glove sizes for existing glove ports, an extensive range of options is available to complete this system.

Technical Details

  • WLAN glove testing procedure => no cables or tubes are required
  • Integrated pump for filling the pneumatic seal and the glove (no external source of compressed air required)
  • High precision pressure sensor for the internal glove pressure
  • The temperature in the glove is recorded during the measurement with a warning in the event that a limit value is exceeded
  • Data transfers from the glove ports to a laptop using WLAN technology
  • Simultaneous glove testing in two different rooms is possible (in-wall filling machine)
  • Testing of 24 gloves in one step => considerable time saving
  • Automatic glove port identification using RFID technology for FZ glove ports
  • Li-Ion battery, proven, globally recognised and transferable high-capacity standard battery
  • Glove port can also be used without a laptop as an autonomous glove port
  • Execution ‚with separate battery‘ or ‘inductive charging’
  • Software developed according to GAMP5
  • Audit trail according to CFR21 Part 11
  • Windows user administration used
  • Technical documentation according to the Machinery Directive
  • Qualification documentation
  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • CE declaration of conformity



  • Adaptation to existing glove ports with differing sizes/contours
  • A feasibility check must be carried out for the automatic identification of specially designed glove ports using RFID technology